Sunday, January 15, 2012


If you are American, please watch and read. With love, Matthew.
Also, please note that I do not really care for Fox News, but this broadcast hit the nail on the head.

Please do your research concerning Ron Paul. If you are burdened by excessive and unconstitutional taxation, big government, and or fear thereof, it doesn't take long to come to the conclusion that Ron Paul is the best solution to the financial catastrophe which has overwhelmed our beloved country. Please patriots, I've been following Ron Paul for years, and I'm confident to say that we can trust Ron Paul to address these most pressing issues facing our country today, and restore us to economic stability. Let us also not forget to consider our own skeletons before casting silly judgments at Ron Paul.

This is my EARNEST PLEA to all Americans. I LOVE my country very very much, but I am deeply concerned for her freedom, peace, and economic stability. When I speak of her, I speak of each of you my fellow Americans. Please let us set our differences aside and unite for a greater cause... FREEDOM!!

Let us make America great again, and become worthy of respect, among all nations.

** Please keep your comments professional, we are all entitled to our opinions. :)