Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to Minimize Skype to Windows 7 System Tray (Notification Area)

This is a paraphrase concerning Skype, from the original article at mydigitallife.infoAll credit for this article should go exclusively to the original author. The purpose of re-iterating it here is strictly archival. Please thank the author for this excellent tip.

Changes in design behavior for Windows 7 causes many software applications to minimize (a behavior initiated by clicking the 'X' in some software) to the Taskbar instead of minimizing to the system tray (The area where the time and date are displayed in the lower right hand corner of the desktop; now called the notification area). You will notice this behavior in Skype 4.2 and newer.

Here's the workaround to minimize Skype to the notification tray on Windows 7.

Updated Skype Built-In Method
  1. In Skype, go to Tools -> Options.
  2. Then, click on Advanced tab to go to Advanced settings.
  3. Uncheck and untick the Keep Skype in the taskbar while I’m signed in option.
    Hide and Remove Skype from Taskbar
  4. Click Save button, and the Skype button or icon will be removed from Taskbar on minimize.
Note: You won’t see the option if the Skype is in compatibility mode.
Compatibility Mode Method
  1. Exit or quit from Skype program.
  2. Right click on Skype icon on Desktop or Skype shortcut in Start Menu, and select Properties.
    Skype Properties
  3. Go to Compatibility tab.
  4. Under “Compatibility Mode’ section, check and tick the checkbox for Run this program in compatibility mode for: option.
  5. In the below drop-down box, select Windows Vista (Service Pack 2).
    Run Skype in Vista Compatibility Mode to Minimize to System Tray in Win7
  6. Click OK.
  7. Start the Skype program, and now it should minimize to system tray.